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Tech4 Mom&I

Tech4 Mom&I

To drive tech adoption in working mothers, we have created this program to help build tech capacity of mothers while simultaneously teaching their children other tech skills as well in a congruent space within the same facility. This program helps to bridge the tech divide between generations, while also creating a safe space for mothers to learn relevant tech skills knowing that their children are within reach and safe while also learning via play. This program will increase tech skills in women aged 35-45 thus enabling their growth in employment and entrepreneurship. Exposing these women to possibilities of technology and opportunities in STEM would also increase the continued exposure of their children, especially their daughters, to tech knowledge.

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  1. stakeholders across the Continent who are willing and invested in the empowerment of women (action button Partner with us)
  1. through our platform stakeholders with resources and communities in need of resources. Creating a safe space for women to thrive and rediscover themselves 

build the capacity of 10,000 women and girls in various areas.

 the growth and success of women entrepreneurs and girls in STEM, through acceleration programs, mentorship and scholarships.