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Scale my Garage

Scale my Garage

A program aimed at accelerating high-performance women-led manufacturing businesses. These are women Led businesses with the potential 

    1. to generate 200, 000 USD in Annual Turnover
    2. Can employ 100 people within the first 3 years of operations 
    3. Can scale internationally within 5 years
    4. Has a consistent growth track record 
    5. 75% of its raw materials are sourced from the local economy  

The program focuses on building financial literacy and digital literacy of selected beneficiaries while providing them with rounded business knowledge and making them investor ready. The program will also match beneficiaries of the program with potential investors and provide the support needed for rapid growth. For more information click here.

Mobilise Connect Train Support
  1. stakeholders across the Continent who are willing and invested in the empowerment of women (action button Partner with us)
  1. through our platform stakeholders with resources and communities in need of resources. Creating a safe space for women to thrive and rediscover themselves 

build the capacity of 10,000 women and girls in various areas.

 the growth and success of women entrepreneurs and girls in STEM, through acceleration programs, mentorship and scholarships.